Visual Mapping

Visual Mapping is an updated and non-trademarked version of the mind mapping tool which we can provide to the education world. We now know that a large percentage of the sensory processing capability of the brain is given to visual processing, and so it makes sense to teach students thinking and learning techniques or tools that leverage this sensory processing capability. When Tony Buzan first trademarked the term Mind Mapping, he was building on the work of many great thinkers before him, sighting the works Leonardo Di Vinci amongst others.


My own Visual Map: MY LIFE

My Life



20140924_173131 20140924_174014  20140924_173635

brain map

Inspired by the London Tube Map, I created this to show my everyday thoughts – each colour/line represents something that I think about everyday.

maze map

My own representation of what a ‘map’ is.

my map

A ‘map’ that I created from travelling from my house to Epsom and from my house to Piccadilly Circus.